Sunday, 5 February 2012

Weave Technical Block

Weave happened to be the technical block I was most dubious about, I was too sure if I'd enjoy the longer process, and the fact that it's a lot harder to picture the final outcome then say print is. Overall I did enjoy the block, I was really happy with the work I produced and also enjoyed the off loom work, I found that the off loom work was great for helping me plan and get inspiration for my on loom work. I feel that the other technical blocks should have had some equivalent work, as it was useful and aided the design process. However, I found the process of weaving quite long but thought it was quite relaxing as I found myself drifting off whilst on the loom. I also struggled with trying to make my work look a bit different and interesting, I'm nnot sure whether this was because of the long process and not being able to take the weave off the loom until the last day, or because there was not a great deal of tutor feedback during the block and we were left pretty much to our own devices for the two weeks.

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