Sunday, 5 February 2012

Reflective Statement

During the first unit of the term I feel I basically learnt how things work on a degree course. I soon realised after starting that BA level is a lot more laid back in terms of how you should work and in what ways you should be doing things, and how they should look, which was a big change from foundation level, where everyone had to work in a particular way. I really liked this new style of working were you could work in any way you wanted, and meant that everyone’s work looked really different. The rough guide project was the perfect transition into this new world, as it allowed us to go out and work in an area with new people, and work in any way you wanted. Through this project I learnt to just have more confidence in my work and my abilities instead of constantly fearing that I was behind everyone else on this course and comparing myself to others. I didn’t have too many issues in regards to the blog, as I had used blogs before as a sort of “reflective journal” where I could write about my work simply as I saw it and reflect on it. But, I’m no natural blog writer, I often find it difficult to reflect on things other than my work, and often find myself writing my train of thought, and usually looks like a conversation I’m having with myself. I do like looking back through the blog to see how I’ve progressed, and I think this probably the best way to reflect on my work and evaluate how I have done as it is an honest look at my work. To improve the blog I need to blog more often, stop looking like I’m talking to myself, and develop the style in which I write. And I should probably stop talking about myself as much; that might make it more interesting for other people.

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