Monday, 6 February 2012

Blythe House Visit

Towards the end of last term we visited the V&A textiles archives at Blythe House in Kensington Olympia, I thought this would be a boring trip where we wouldn't actually get to see anything because they would be too busy telling us about the place and all its rules (and there were many), however I was very pleasantly surprised and found the whole day very enjoyable. After a talk with those in charge of the archives about their work and about the archives themselves, what is available to us and how to access it, we looked at the textiles related pieces they had taken out for us to view. The pieces ranged from fabric samples, to magazines from the 1950s to beautiful artwork to inspire prints. A lot of the work was from the 1950s which I loved as the prints and fabric were just so sweet and delicate, I found it all inspiring. Its amazing to know that we have these incredible resources available to us, and for us to be able to physically see and feel them makes so much difference instead of staring at them through a glass cabinet.

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