Monday, 6 February 2012

Grayson Perry & The Power Of Making

It was very interesting to see the vast differences in the two exhibitions; one being a fine artist using craft processes, and the other a collection of the work of craftspeople. Grayson Perry has his own personal take on these different craft forms to create this body of work, it is more of a homage to craftmanship - a celebration of craft and the artist himself paying respect to those who have crafted the pieces. Whereas, the power of making, although still a celebration of craft and its makers, was exhibiting in a very different way. It felt more like a presentation of the best and brightest craftspeople and designers, placing a wide variety of work by a number of artists side by side - each one an individual, brought together in this exhibition to celebrate the beauty and creativity in modern craft, whilst the Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman was more of a collective.
Although Perry used craft processes, the pieces still remained fine art pieces; a collection of weird and wonderful objects each raising questions of their own. Craftsmanship is an individual using their hands and deep thought processes to create something beautiful and unique; using great and expert skill to perfect their craft. Both the Power of Making and the Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman show beautiful and exciting work - both are full of surprises as you can't guess what you'll find next; from a Hello Kitty hand towel to a lifesize crochetdermy bear.
The Grayson Perry exhibition celebrates craft throughout the years; as some of the work dates back hundreds of years. Whereas the Power of Making celebrates where craft is today - a body of work using new and traditional technniques; disposing of the idea that craft is something oldfashioned, this exhibition proved craftmanship is exciting and creative and doesn't neccessarily rely on the past.
my favourite piece from the two exhibitions

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