Sunday, 13 November 2011

Stitch Technical Block

I have just finished my first technical block, which was stitch, and I have to say I don't think I was in anyway prepared for this discipline. I hadn't realised how broad the area was, I had always thought it was just embroidery and such, but I was so wrong when I found we could do literally anything - as long as it related back to the research. On the first day we were shown a huge number and variety of techniques we could experiment with, chosing the ones that were most relavent to our own drawings. I chose to work mostly with stitching into stretched lycra, and trapping yarns in between layers of wadding, as my drawings were mostly based on different qualities of line and these techniques best expressed this.
I found the block challenging as it was such a broad subject area, and I tend to feel a little lost when there is so much freedom and not as much structure, however I found the tutorials and all the time with tutors/technicians amazingly helpful. I also found the amount of work quite intense, as I feel I haven't stopped working for the entire two weeks, however I feel I got a lot out of the block and that my work shows this. A few of my final samples are very 3D and quite structured, in fact one looks like a small metropolis! I don't know if this is an indication that I'm more construct or whether I just happened to like this particular technique, time will tell I suppose!
Some of my earlier more experimental samples:
burning through fabric

dissolvable fabric & wrapping/bonding with Bondaweb

dissolvable fabric

More resolved samples:

Final Samples:

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