Monday, 2 January 2012

Screen Prints

I have come to the end of my second technical block; Print. I must admit I loved every part of it, except the slow pace at which everything happens, as there is so much waiting with cleaning/drying the screens and drying/steaming fabric, so I found my already very limited patience wearing thin at times. However, the beautiful outcomes and the huge range of techniques made up for the waiting around. I particularly enjoyed that I got to do a devoré print (even though we weren't supposed too shhh), I came close to a complete breakdown when the fabric wouldn't dye to the colour I wanted (wanted turquoise, and got green, so dyed it blue and still got green...) then the arrival of an ex tutor only increased the raised stress levels, however the outcome was so nice and so cool to make that I don't really care that I was so stressed that day.
devoré - "turquoise" and gold dye

acid dye - supposedly brown...

acid dye and discharge ink

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